Legal Costs and Business
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Law Protection Issues

The services of a business lawyer are not cheap which most people know even if they have never hired one before. There are many valid reasons for using a business lawyer and we discuss some of those reasons as well as some tips as to what you should ask any potential lawyer prior to obtaining their services.

First things first, the cost factor! If you are going to need the services of a business lawyer you must ensure you request explanation of the billing practice prior to confirming any agreement. Generally you are offered services from a lawyer in three ways and these are flat fees, hourly fees or contingency fees.

The costs involved of course relate to the particular kind of case it is you need the business lawyer for. However other factors come into consideration as well such as the expected outcome of the particular case, the previous legal experience of the lawyer, the location of the case if required to go to court and the normal processing costs likely to be involved. These generally will all be included in the costs you are required to pay or to try to recover if there is a third party involved. These facts you want to clear up before you start your business relationship with the lawyer.

Flat fees are usually applied for simple business law matters such as bankruptcy or wills where the lawyer or legal firm already has an idea of the costs involving time. Check however in these cases whether all other charges are included such as the cost to actually file any documents and any administrative charges.

Hourly fees are generally charged in cases where it is not certain of the exact time frame involved however the lawyer can in some cases give you a rough estimate. These rates will generally vary depending on the experience of the lawyer themselves. Here you will normally be charged on top of the hourly rate for any administrative costs and any filing costs relating to your matter.

A contingency fee is where your lawyer will not charge you a fee however they will collect a percentage of any funds that are received at finalization of your legal matter. There may in some cases be an initial amount paid by you which will be factored into the contingency fee at settlement.

Whatever the fee agreement ensure you get this documented for your own protection and understanding. If you are not sure about something ask as you are the one who requires the assistance and the more forthcoming your lawyer is generally the more confidence you have in their abilities as well.

For business law you may require legal assistance for a variety of matters such as employee related issues, criminal investigation relating to charges against your business or another business. In the word of online services you also may find you need assistance with cyber matters often these occur relating to privacy and as with employment issues, having a business lawyer propose a standard for your business prior to starting any business is a worthwhile investment.

You may also find you need assistance with business contracts relating to the businesses you deal with or perhaps relating to sale or acquisition of companies. There are also issues that can occur when you have partners in your business such as unexpected deaths or marriage and divorce and so on where a business lawyer can draw up agreements to protect your business from these issues having clear contracts in place from the outset to ensure no effect is felt by the business.

There are many cases where you may require assistance with business law and having a competent and skilled lawyer whose costs you are happy with available to you and your business is a worthwhile investment for any company. So if you have a business and dont have a business lawyer or you are starting a business then perhaps one of your scheduled tasks is to find one that suits your needs.

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